In October 2010 we were contacted to assist in the collection of material which had been disturbed during the course of the excavation of foundations for four steel supports for a roof covering an alley between two historic building. Both buildings were constructed in the first decade of the 19th century. The area more or less coincided with the location of a gully formed by one of the mountain streams flowing off Table Mountain into the sea. The gully was filled in c1811. [READ MORE]

Excavating the refuse dump associated with the military barracks and hospital in Cape Town

This site was one of the most interesting sites that I have had the opportunity to work on, mostly as it was fairly intact and had the house not been demolished int he 1970s, it would have been a prime candidate for preservation.

I had the misfortune of loosing most of the photographs and all the preliminary analysis of the artefactual material when my computer crashed in June 2008.

Thank goodness the preliminary report had been submitted. [READ MORE]

Welgelegen market garden in Cape Town

Synopsis or intro to article [READ MORE]

Many of the projects that one works on never really gets out into the public domain. There are many reasons for this: sometimes the project is not of enough academic value to warrant publication, sometimes one just runs out of time, money and steam.

People always will ask, “what is the most exciting thing you’ve found?” “what are you working on?” and here’s me trying to answer ...

If you’re after a more formal response, copies of all my reports are available at the libraries of our heritage resources agencies (South African Heritage Resources Agency (National) and Heritage Western Cape (Provincial). It is anticipated that these reports will be available online by mid 2012.

Sticks & Stones

Sticks & stones


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